Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto

Keynote (in person)

Creator of Ruby

Dave Thomas

Keynote, Panel Host

Co-author of The Pragmatic Programmer, Programming Elixir, Programming Ruby, The Pragmatic Starter Kit, Agile Web Development with Rails. Speaker. Trainer.

Irina Nazarova

Keynote, Panel Host

CEO at Evil Martians, co-founder at AnyCable and a true coffee geek!

José Valim


Creator of Elixir. Chief Adoption Officer at Dashbit. Prev. Rails core. Ruby Hero Award recipient.

Xavier Noria


Rails core. Author of Zeitwerk. Software veteran who does OSS for fun in spare time.

Koichi Sasada


Director of Ruby Association. Ph.D in Information Science and Technology. Improving Ruby interpreter (MRI/CRuby).

Victor Shepelev


Software architect at Hubstaff. Ruby core committer. OSS projects author. Writer, poet and translator.

Carmen Huidobro


Head of Developer Education at DevCraft academy.

Steven R. Baker

Talk: TBD

Software veteran. Creator of RSpec and the describe/it pattern for software description.

Jean Boussier

Talk: A Decade of Rails Bug Fixes

Rails core. Ruby committer. Senior Staff Engineer at Shopify.

Maple Ong

Talk: TBD

Product Infrastructure Engineer at Gusto. Prev. Rails Infrastructure team at Shopify.

Yuta Saito

Talk: TBD

Ruby, Swift and LLVM committer with focus on WebAssembly support. Ruby Prize 2022 winner.

Hitoshi Hasumi

Workshop: Embedded Ruby Revolution: A Hands-On Workshop with PicoRuby

Creator of PicoRuby and PRK_Firmware. Maintainer of IRB, Reline and mruby/c.

Faraaz Ahmad

Talk: Ruby without the syntax

Software Engineer. Building InvoiceMod on the side.


Talk: Concurrency in Ruby: Threads, Fibers, and Ractors Demystified

Dev Coach - React/Rails coder. Lead Technical Consultant at RailsFactory. Coordinator ChennaiGeeks. Prev: Founder at Hash14 - Lead at Facebook DevC Chennai

Lucian Ghinda

Talk: The Modern Rubyist: When and How to Use the Latest Features

Workshop: Testing: How to write fewer tests and cover more cases

Product Engineer, Ruby on Rails Developer. Co-creator of ideatify. Curator of Short Ruby Newsletter.

Dmitry Pogrebnoy

Talk: Demystifying Debugging: A Deep Dive into the Internals of Advanced Ruby Introspection Tool

Senior Software Engineer at RubyMine team, JetBrains

Stephen Margheim

Workshop: SQLite on Rails: From rails new to 50k concurrent users and everything in between

OSS contributor. Head of Engineering at Test IO.

Igor Jancev

Talk: Patterns and solutions distilled from 10 years development and maintenance of a big campus software ruby on rails application

Bruno Sutic

Talk: Async Ruby

Senior full-stack developer working with web technologies for over a decade

Jakub Godawa

Talk: Visualized multi-threaded simulators in Ruby

I like Ruby and Ruby likes me. I'm a nerdy team player and I enjoy pair-programming.

Rafael Peña-Azar

Talk: How Ruby forged Crystal

Founder of Ruby Santa Marta. MSc. Web Engineering. Senior Software Developer at Ideaware.

Julik Tarkhanov

Talk: On the benefits of slot scheduling

Director of engineering at Cheddar Payments.

Karen Jex

Talk: Optimising your database for analytics

Ivan Nemytchenko

Talk: The Curse of Service Objects

Serial CTO of small-to-medium size startups

Guilherme Carreiro

Talk: Building native Ruby extensions in Rust

Staff Developer at Shopify

Fernando Perales

Talk: Let's give REST a rest: exploring the state of gRPC in Ruby

Prakriti Mateti

Talk: One does not simply... rebuild a product

Director of Engineering at Culture Amp

Samuel Giddins

Talk: A survey of recent RubyGems CVEs

Security Engineer in Residence at Ruby Central

Svyatoslav Kryukov

Talk: Assembling the Future: crafting the missing pieces of the Ruby on Wasm puzzle

Backend Developer at Evil Martians

Igor S. Morozov

Talk: Benefits and challenges of introducing a strict Content Security Policy

A lifelong software engineer who turned a passion into career.

John Gallagher

Talk: Squash Production Defects Quickly - The Power of Structured Logging in Rails

A joyful programming coach and Ruby engineer.

Seong-Heon Jung

Talk: Using Ractors and Making Ractors Usable

Marco Roth

Talk: TBD

Independent Consultant & Open Source Contributor

Piotr Szotkowski

Talk: TBD

Senior Staff Developer at Shopify

Joel Drapper

Talk: Building Beautiful Views in Ruby with Phlex

Full-stack engineer at Prevail — author and maintainer of Phlex, Quickdraw, Literal, Morphlex

Yaroslav Shmarov

Talk: Rails 8 Frontend: 10 commandments and 7 deadly sins in 2025

SupeRails founder

Yudai Takada

Talk: How does Lrama make the Ruby parser grammar G.O.A.T.?

OSS programmer. Rubyist. Committer of Lrama. RuboCop RSpec team. Maintainer of Committee. Co-Founder of Kyobashi.rb.

Andrei Bondarev

Talk: Build an AI agent in 15 min

Author of Langchain.rb.

Obie Fernandez

Talk: Patterns of Application Development Using AI

Bartosz Blimke

Talk: WebMock Unmocked

Creator and maintainer of WebMock

Marko Ćilimković

Talk: Lessons From Escaping the Dependency Upgrade Maze

Software Developer at Infinum

Erica Weistrand

Talk: Ruby off Rails

Developer at 84codes

Tim Kächele

Talk: Mechanical sympathy, or: writing fast ruby programs

Software Engineer at Börse Stuttgart