Talk: Concurrency in Ruby: Threads, Fibers, and Ractors Demystified

Dev Coach - React/Rails coder. Lead Technical Consultant at RailsFactory. Coordinator ChennaiGeeks. Prev: Founder at Hash14 - Lead at Facebook DevC Chennai

Concurrency in Ruby: Threads, Fibers, and Ractors Demystified

Speed up your Ruby applications with the power of concurrency! Join us as we demystify threads, fibers, and Ractors, understanding their unique strengths, use cases, and impact on Ruby performance. Learn to tackle I/O bottlenecks and enable parallel execution, boost- ing your code’s speed.

For a very long time, Ruby had limited options for concurrency, mainly relying on threads, which developers often dreaded. However, with the exciting updates introduced in Ruby 3.0, the fiber scheduler and Ractors provided a remarkable 3x performance boost. Despite these advancements, few have used these features in production. But now, we can confidently say that they are ready for use.


I’m a software consultant based out of Chennai, India. I have been building web applications since 2009. I write code for fun. I love learning new technologies and teaching people. I work at Railsfactory, its a software consulting firm where I help people learn technologies and write better code. I run bootcamps, workshops and help solve problems.

Previously, I was running my own startup for almost 6 years, it was a small software consulting company helping other startups realize their dream of turn- ing ideas into actual software products. Later, I quit to pursue my passion for learning and teaching.

Apart from usual work I also love organizing and attending meetups. I’m the coordinator at a local developer group called Chennai Geeks. I was the lead of Meta Developer Circle Chennai Chapter. We have organized a lot of events, meetups, tech talks, hackathons, and much more in the last 8 years. I’m part of the team that organizes RailsGirls in Chennai and Bangalore.