Erica Weistrand

Talk: Ruby off Rails

Developer at 84codes

Ruby off Rails

In the Ruby landscape, Rails has become the primary approach for web devel- opment and you get a lot of configuration and features for free when using Rails. In this talk, we’ll delve into the world of Rails, have a quick look at Hanami and then discuss how we navigate the challenges of building web apps with Sina- tra at 84codes. We’ll also share what we learned from Rails and Hanami and how we tried to get the best out of all worlds by implementing some of those learnings in our own web apps.


Erica has been a dedicated developer at 84codes for nearly four years. She currently works in the platform team, with a primary focus on the metrics and logs system, but she is also deeply engaged in enhancing developer experience. 84codes specializes in message brokers and server configuration and manages a fleet of over 12,000 RabbitMQ servers through the product CloudAMQP.