Svyatoslav Kryukov

Talk: Assembling the Future: crafting the missing pieces of the Ruby on Wasm puzzle

Backend Developer at Evil Martians

Assembling the Future: crafting the missing pieces of the Ruby on Wasm puzzle

Buckle up for a journey beyond ruby.wasm limits—making the entire Ruby ecosystem run in-browser a reality! No threads, networking, or beloved nokogiri? We tackle it all—from Kernel patches to CORS, crafting WASI functions, and Wasm within Wasm—we’re bending reality to shape the web’s next frontier!

Dive into the frontier of web innovation with a mission to bring Bundler, Rack, Rake, and more Ruby ecosystem tools into the browser! This session unveils the potential of Ruby.wasm, pushing past the limits of WASI to reshape how we think about web development. Explore the possibilities of running essential Ruby development tools directly in your browser, turning the dream of a fully interactive Ruby development environment on the web into reality.

Discover strategies for integrating Bundler for gem management, enabling Rack for web server interfacing, and leveraging Rake for automated tasks—all within the browser. We’ll navigate the challenges of virtual file systems, dynamic gem loading, and network interactions through Ruby.wasm, offering insights into overcoming these hurdles.

We’ll shine a light on the critical gaps in the ecosystem and the essential components still needed to make running comprehensive Ruby tools in the browser—from a theoretical dream to a practical, everyday reality. Get ready for a journey that promises to expand your understanding of what’s possible with Ruby.wasm, setting the stage for a future where the web is powered by Ruby’s elegance and versatility. Buckle up!


My name is Svyatoslav and I’m a backend developer at Evil Martians. For the past 3 years, I’ve been collaborating with StackBlitz, enhancing the most advanced in-browser IDE powered by WASM. Additionally, I created Run-, a playground for experimenting with Ruby in a WebAssembly en- vironment.