Bruno Sutic

Talk: Async Ruby

Senior full-stack developer working with web technologies for over a decade

Async Ruby

Async Ruby is an exciting and innovating part of Ruby. It’s a new approach to concurrency best described as “threads with NONE of the downsides”. Async Ruby has mind-blowing capabilities, and is so good Matz invited the gem to the standard library.

This talk is suitable for both beginners and experts, and is relevant for you if you’re making web requests in Ruby. It will introduce you to some the most impressive Async features and explain its core concepts.


Bruno is a dad of three beautiful children, early adopter of Async Ruby, com- mand line aficionado, and a bare-metal server enthusiast. He’s been a Ruby developer for more than a decade, working for both consultancies and product companies.

The most fun he’s had was working for an IoT company where he had to figure out how to make hardware devices play “beep-bop” sounds.

He’s currently working on his own app