Stephen Margheim

Workshop: SQLite on Rails: From rails new to 50k concurrent users and everything in between

OSS contributor. Head of Engineering at Test IO.

SQLite on Rails: From rails new to 50k concurrent users and everything in between

Hands-on building Rails applications using SQLite! This workshop offers a mix of the basics (rails new with SQLite and Solid gems, getting backups setup, core deployment considerations, etc.) and more advanced use-cases, like installing extensions, running multiple databases, full-text search, etc.

Learn how to build and deploy a Rails application using SQLite with hands-on exercises! Together we will take a brand new Rails application and walk through various features and enhancements to make a production-ready, full-featured application using only SQLite. We will take advantage of SQLite’s lightweight database files to create separate databases for our data, job queue, cache, error monitoring, etc. We will install and use a SQLite extension to build vector similarity search. We will setup point-in-time backups with Litestream. We will also explore how to deploy your application. By the end of this workshop, you will understand what kinds of applications are a good fit for SQLite, how to build a resilient SQLite on Rails application, and how to scale to 50k+ concurrent users.

This workshop is intended for Rails developers of all levels, though it will likely be most valuable to developers who have pre-existing experience with building and deploying a Rails application.

The primary desired outcome is the developers feeling knowledgable and com- fortable with the differences and details of running a SQLite on Rails application. Secondarily and relatedly, this workshop will provide a hands-on introduction to the emerging SQLite+Ruby/Rails ecosystem of tools.


I’m an American expat living in Berlin with my wife and 2 dogs. I am a contributor to Rails and the sqlite3-ruby gem as well as the maintainer of a handful of gems aimed at making Rails the absolute best platforms in the world to run SQLite projects.