Rafael Peña-Azar

Talk: How Ruby forged Crystal

Founder of Ruby Santa Marta. MSc. Web Engineering. Senior Software Developer at Ideaware.

How Ruby forged Crystal

Explore how Ruby’s DNA shaped Crystal into a powerhouse lan- guage. From syntax to philosophy, discover the journey of inspi- ration and innovation behind Crystal’s evolution. Join me as we uncover the dynamic interplay between two iconic languages at Eu- RuKo!!!

In this talk, we will explore the fascinating journey from the conception of Crystal to its current state as an elegant and efficient programming language. Through concrete examples and detailed analysis, we will see how Ruby has influenced the creation and evolution of Crystal, from syntax to fundamental concepts.

Things that will bring to the talk. + Brief overview of Crystal and its place in the programming language landscape. + Exploration of how key principles and features of Ruby have influenced the design of Crystal. + Comparison of the similarities and differences in syntax and semantics between Ruby and Crystal. + Analysis of how Ruby’s design principles, such as readability and expres- siveness, have been integrated into Crystal. + Discussion on how Crystal has evolved and diverged from Ruby to meet its own needs and goals. + Practical examples of how Ruby has influenced problem-solving and feature implementa- tion in Crystal. + Reflection on the future of Crystal and how Ruby’s influence will continue to shape its development.


My full name is Rafael PEÑA-AZAR. Born in Colombia. Software engineer. Ruby/Rails evangelizer. Systems Engineering professional. I have a Master’s degree in Web Engineering from Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (España) where I obtained the highest qualification in my degree thesis (with a project focused on RubyOnRails developers). Also, certified in Software Quality Man- agement. Passionate coder. Sometimes public speaker. Teacher/Mentor. Love all about Ruby (and Rails). Crazy about Hotwire. I’m also enthusiast about Crystal and the Amber framework; and outside of the Ruby ecosystem I like Elixir and Phoenix very much. Married since 2017. Father of 2. Overall, a friendly guy and a family man.