Bartosz Blimke

Talk: WebMock Unmocked

Creator and maintainer of WebMock

WebMock Unmocked

Join Bartosz Blimke, the creator of WebMock, as he takes you on a journey through the internals of this indispensable Ruby library. Discover how WebMock has been simplifying the process of testing code that interacts with external APIs for the past 15 years.

In this talk, you’ll learn:

  • How WebMock makes tests faster, more reliable, and independent of net- work connection
  • The different features WebMock offers, from stubbing requests to verifying specific requests
  • The story behind WebMock’s creation during a hackathon in 2009
  • How WebMock has become a cornerstone of the Ruby testing ecosystem and influenced other programming languages
  • A deep dive into the internals of WebMock, revealing how it works under the hood

Whether you’re a seasoned Ruby developer or just starting out, this talk will give you a deeper appreciation for the tools you use daily. Celebrate WebMock’s 15th anniversary and gain insights from the maintainer’s perspective.

Get ready to unmock the magic of WebMock and discover how it has been helping developers write better tests for the past 15 years!


Bartosz is the author and maintainer of WebMock, an iconic gem that has become a standard in Ruby for stubbing and setting expectations on HTTP requests. He is a seasoned software developer, with over 21 years in the game, an ex-CTO, and a consultant who’s had a long-term relationship with Ruby for the past 17 years - sorry C++ and Java, it’s serious! He’s all about crafting clean, maintainable code. These days, Bartosz is particularly fascinated by the potential of incorporating AI capabilities into Ruby applications and workflows. When he’s not transforming ideas into code, he’s a dad of two, who somehow also finds time to pursue his love for diving and specialty coffee brewing. All about exploring - whether it’s underwater or in a coffee cup.