Xavier Noria


Rails core. Author of Zeitwerk. Software veteran who does OSS for fun in spare time.

Opening Keynote

Keynote details to come once we have them.

This talk will be delivered in person.


Software consultant specializing in Ruby and Ruby on Rails, with over two decades of professional programming experience.

He has been into Open Source for a long time. Open Source represents freedom for Xavier, doing things for the fun of it, sharing code and knowledge, collaborating openly with people from all over the world.

As part of recent highlights, Xavier has been a member of Rails Core for more than a decade and he is also the author of Zeitwerk. He wrote Rails Contributors, and was part of the team behind the Rails Guides.

Xavier also received following awards for his Open Source contributions: Ruby Hero Award, Outstanding Performance Fukuoka Ruby Award, Open Source Rails SaaS Conference Award, and, finally, an award celebrating his longstanding contributions as part of the Rails Core team.