Hitoshi Hasumi

Workshop: Embedded Ruby Revolution: A Hands-On Workshop with PicoRuby

Creator of PicoRuby and PRK_Firmware. Maintainer of IRB, Reline and mruby/c.

Embedded Ruby Revolution: A Hands-On Workshop with PicoRuby

As you might witness at EuRuKo 2023, PicoRuby is kind of a language-wide revolution, bridging the gap between the elegant Ruby language and the thrilling world of embedded systems programming. This workshop is designed specifically for Ruby beginners who have grasped the basics of the language and are eager to apply their knowledge in new, innovative ways.

The workshop will cover essential topics such as setting up your development environment, writing your first PicoRuby script, and interacting with hardware components like LEDs, sensors, and small displays. We aim to demystify the process of embedded programming and show how Ruby’s syntax and libraries can be extended to physical computing.

This workshop is more than just learning; it’s about joining a community of Ruby enthusiasts who are expanding the language’s boundaries. Whether you aim to build smart home devices, or custom gadgets, or just gain a deeper understanding of how software can interact with hardware, this workshop will provide the knowledge, tools, and inspiration you need to start on that journey.


Creator of PicoRuby and PRK Firmware. Maintainer of CRuby’s IRB and Reline. A final nominee of the Ruby Prize 2021. Twice first prize winner of the Fukuoka Ruby Award in 2020 and 2022