Why the goat?

The pitch we made for 2024 was for a G.O.A.T. EuRuKo, the greatest of all time of course, but also because of the famous goat from Tuzla, BiH. Tuzla has a statue of a goat. We know, it's weird, but it has a valid story behind it.

During the time when Austria-Hungary occupied Tuzla, they forbade goats and ordered everyone to get rid of goats, because they thought goats are harming forrests. Everyone did so, except one person who lived off of his goat. This man defied the order and decided to hide the goat. With time word spread in the community that there is one goat that is left, so they found the man and started buying milk and cheese from him. Basically, that one goat ended up feeding the entire community. There is even have a famous saying that everyone in BiH knows: "The whole of Tuzla milked one goat".

Since this is the first time EuRuKo is coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina, it's gonna take on what that one goat represents for us, as it is going to feed a community of Ruby developers and enthusiasts that haven’t had an opportunity to attend such a conference before.

Since EuRuKo is also going to be the first-ever Ruby conference in the country, just as the goat was in Tuzla, it is going to be the only Ruby conference available to feed this community.